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Quentin Lobbé


Télécom ParisTech
46 Rue Barrault
75013 Paris
Bureau C212-214


As a researcher

Based on and extending the e-Diasporas Atlas project, my PhD research is concerned with the exploration of a corpus of web archives, crawled and captured during the past 6 years and focused on on-line activities associated with migrant populations. We follow the idea that the structure and content of web archives can be permeable to the effects of shocks and external events, political and social mobilizations, etc. In this regard, we propose a methodology based on the work of John Wilder Tukey to face the wide scale of the data and challenge our ability to make sense of it in a meaningful manner for users who are not computer scientists folks: sociologists and historians. We want this thesis to establish the premises of web archaeology, to understand the web through its transitions and mutations, from web 1.0 to 2.0, from the web of blogs to the social web, from laptop to smartphone screens, etc.

Thesis started in November 2015, supervised by Pierre Senellart & Dana Diminescu and affiliated to the Télécom ParisTech DBWeb team & the Inria Paris DI-ENS Valda team.

As an engineer

I graduated from the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) in 2013 with a master degree in Data Mining & Data Visualization and a minor in social science & philosophy. I worked in the industry on managing web data at scale, at Twenga (R&D engineer in Search Engine) and Linkfluence (R&D intern in Web Mining).

As a human being

I'm a part time indie movies director, I play hurdy gurdy with my folks and write unpublishable stories. I like to see organic vegetables growing up in my garden and I daily fight for egalitarism, eco-socialism and refugees rights.