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Going back to the Jungle - Septembre 2016

In just two months the Jungle has incredibly extended itself to the north of the camp. The population is close to 10.000 people now according to l'Auberge des Migrants. Additionnal mapping is obviously necessary. With the Mapfugees folks we started to print and share a final map, a two layered map : one for all the inhabitants and an other one specially designed for the children and minors.

Jungle Map
Jungle Map for Minors

Mapping the Jungle of Calais - July 2016

I joined, once again, the voluntary teams of Mapfugees and Architecture for Refugees, for a mapping campaign at the Jungle of Calais, involving the inhabitants of the camp. What the MapFugees members assert in a militant gesture is that we must name, display and decipher the jungles, to bring them on the same level as the territory which has saw them growing up, to engrave them in the collective memory by removing them from the invisible.
See Cartographier les Jungles, Quentin Lobbé, Plein Droit n°110 p 7-10, Gisti, Octobre 2016.

Jungle of Calais, seen from the Belgium Kitchen

Mapping the Grande-Synthe camp of refugees - April 2016

I meet the Mapfugees team: Katja, Jorieke and Johan. They have been there for a week already, tired but always as motivated. Others have preceded me, others will succeed us. The team is trying to draw up a map of the Grande-Synthe refugee camp (near Dunkirk), newly installed by Médecins sans frontières.
See Connected Refugees, Quentin Lobbé, blog post, April 2016

Grande-Synthe camp of refugees, mapping in progress


Directed by Quentin Lobbé | Shanghai | winter 2012-2013 | 33 mn
On the rooftops of the University of Shanghai a student writes a letter. At the same moment three men awake in the middle of nowhere while a young woman tries to save what remains of her memory. Fragments follows in one day the lost and disillusioned trajectories of women and men through the streets of Shanghai.


Directed by Quentin Lobbé, Anna Swierta, Guillaume Martrou | France - Brasil | autumn 2011 | 37 mn
Second version of this short movie, half-real half-fiction, about the impossibility of talking to each other.
Winner of Concours du Court SSP 2011


Directed by Quentin Lobbé | France | spring 2011 | 55 mn
Cyberpunk giallo pre-Snowden